Which and how to take measurements.

A) Height

B) Chest: the circumference of your chest passing under your armpits at nipples level.

C) Waist: the circumference of your waist at navel level.

D) Inseam: from the crotch down to the knee.



Note: take all measurements a bit loose. For sweaters and outerwear take them over the underwear.

Our products have been designed to be ergonomical and perfectly fit while riding on the saddle, that means you should try them on the bike to check the fitting.


Fit Advice

Cyclists tend to lose 2/3 kg (4.5/6.5 lbs) during summertime: it might be possible to wear S in August and M around wintertime. Keep that in mind to make the best choice possible.

All our products provide a race cut, but there are some differences in cut and shape among our Collections.


Short Sleeve Jerseys

There are tiny differences in shape and sleeves length among the Jerseys: Raw, Camou, Linea and Asymmetric are Pro cut: tighter fit, a more anatomical shape and longer sleeves.

Stripes, Square, Diagonal, Passione and PDP collections provide a slightly less ergonomical fit. The neck is shorter and sleeves have silicone grippers for improved wearability; the back panel is made of a lighter fabric, ideal for hot summer rides.

Lightweight Jerseys provide a more close-fitting aero cut and for this reason it is recommended to choose a size up.


Bib Shorts

The Classic Bib Shorts are our regular Bib Shorts, with a British length that is approximately 2 cm longer than other brands’ bib shorts. It is made of a premium high performance lycra for a classy design and effect. Among the bib shorts it is the one that provide the most compression.

The LX Bib Shorts have the same style but made of an embossed lycra in the central and back area.

The LP Bib Shorts are designed with an anatomic race Pro cut, elastic tape straps that better allow movements, laser cut legs with regular length and silicone grippers.

LP Lightweight Bib Shorts are made of an even lighter fabric ideal in the most humid weather conditions and for hard climbs.

All our Bib Shorts have award-winning Cytech Elastic Interface pads, naturally bacteriostatic with a double-layered, 4 way stretch structure and four needle flat-stitched seams.

If you’re not sure about the size send us your measurements: support@lapassione.cc. We will be more than happy to help.