To choose your correct size, you will need to refer to the diagrams and tables listed during the purchase of each product.

To be able to take your measurements correctly, here is some useful information about the optimal way to do so as well as an explanatory diagram.

For sweaters and outerwear: for best results, take your measurements over your underwear.

A) Your Height: Measure your height.

B) Chest: Measure the circumference by passing the tape measure around your chest and under your armpits.

C) Waist: Measure the circumference by passing the tape measure around the waist leaving it a bit loose.

D) Inseam: Measure what we call on the length of the shorts, taken from the crotch down to the leg elastic.



Our products have been designed and created with an ergonomics concept to follow the anatomical shape of the rider in a racing position without being excessively tight on the body. A careful design allows the products to eliminate the abundance of fabrics and ergonomically follow the appearance of the body providing maximum fit, high comfort and allowing dynamic movement. These products are especially made for cyclists in good physical shape, as they have a good coefficient of adherence to the body supplied by the design cuts and very elastic tissues. In any case, the clothes were designed to be worn according to the standard parameters of everyday life.


Fit Advice

All our products provide a race cut, but please note that there are some differences in cut and shape among our Collections.

When you decide the fit of an item, we recommend to take into account the different weight and constitution based on the trial period. For example, if the purchase is made in winter, it should be calculated that probably in summer you will have a greater fit, so it will be less adherent in the seasons of real use for a natural weight loss in the warmer seasons. The same applies for purchases made during summer for winter sets. The fabrics used for the products of winter sets sometimes have a lower elasticity compared to the tissues of summer items. For this reason, in the case you choose slim fit as a size of your summer clothes, you should note that in equally-sized winter products might be even tighter limiting a correct fit. Sleeves follow the sizes of the short-sleeved summer items, while the leggings and knee pads follow the sizes of summer shorts.

The Lightweight Jerseys provide a more close-fitting aero cut than our Summer Jerseys and for this reason it is recommended to choose a size up.

There are tiny differences in shape and sleeves length also among the Summer Jerseys: The Raw, Camou, Linea and Asymmetric have all the hallmarks of our famous Italian aero cut fit while the sleeves have been constructed with additional Pro peloton sleeve length without using silicone grippers. The Square, Diagonal, Passione and PDP provide a more relaxed fit and the sleeves ended with silicone grippers that help keeping the jersey fitted and tightly in place when on the saddle.

If you need some hints regarding your size choice, don’t hesitate to send your measurements (height, weight, chest and waist) to our Customer Care at