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Free Shipping on orders over €130 / $150

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Meet the founders

The founders, Yurika Marchetti and Giuliano Ragazzi, tell their story.

How did the La Passione adventure begin and what exactly does it mean to be a Direct-to-Consumer brand in the cycling apparel industry? How did the name come about?

Y - One evening, after an intense week of research, I asked Giuliano, “why are we doing all this?” He simply replied, “For passion”. That is where it all started. We inserted a “La” as a reinforcer. For us, cycling represents passion par excellence, something that is stronger than anything and drives towards a goal, whatever the effort required to reach it.

G - Then a claim that summarized all of this came to mind, and “Worth The Effort” was born, an incentive to pursue whatever is truly worthwhile. Our brand isn’t one to celebrate performance at all costs because for us cycling is something experiential and a metaphor for life. It’s about enjoying the ride, stopping to eat a sandwich with friends in front of a breathtaking view or, as in everyday life, giving your all to pursue your goals and being able to say, at the end of each ride, that it was worth it, regardless of the end result. What counts is to have given everything.

What drove you to choose a Direct-to-Consumer business model?

G - We wanted to create something unique, but it wasn’t enough to have a well-made high-quality product that comes in beautiful colors. The market already offered products of excellent quality but sold at very high prices. So, we chose to make more accessible to fans a product of the highest quality that also meets high ethical standards of work and ensures sustainability throughout the supply chain. For this reason, we identified the Direct-to-Consumer model as the winning choice. Even today, after six years and the launches of many other brands, we are the only truly digital native brand that deals with cycling apparel and that, with an absolute radical approach, sells its products exclusively on the company website. In fact, our collections are not available anywhere else, neither physically nor digitally. We are very proud to say that.

“Why are we doing all this?”He simply replied, “For passion”.

A DNVB (Digital Native Vertical Brand) also stands out for the efficiency of its customer service. How much do consumers’ suggestions, comments and opinions affect the creation and modification of a product?

Y - With a business model like ours, having a very strong relationship with the customer is critical. In terms of the product and market we are in, our approach has always been customer-centric: we listen to the feedback we receive from our customer service team and use it during the product development stage, as well as constantly analyzing the reasons for return customers, as well as trends in satisfaction. This data guides our choices, helps us to be ever closer to the needs of the community and accompanies us in the development of new garments or product categories. In our DNA there is the fact of not having intermediaries and the message of the customer, for better or for worse, is delivered without filters. This is a fundamental value for the achievement of our goals and is important in order to offer a product made not for a customer, but “together with a customer”.

"We chose to make more accessible to fans a product of the highest quality that also meets high ethical standards of work and ensures sustainability throughout the supply chain."

Where does the inspiration for the collections come from?

G - We always do a lot of research; we study the trends of the future and we follow a very precise stylistic path. When we started, we asked ourselves why cycling apparel could not be elegant, as it is in other sports such as golf, skiing, and tennis. We wanted to overturn the concept of style, to bring a bit of the fashion into the world of cycling.

Y - La Passione’s product proposal is elegant and minimalist and aims to accommodate the taste of a generation of cyclists who are very attentive to their look. In many things we have been precursors, for example, we were the first to propose dark blue Bib Shorts to the market - which is the color that represents our brand. A shade that is still much imitated today and remains one of the most loved by customers.


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