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Spedizione gratuita per ordini superiori a €160 / $170

Spedizione gratuita per ordini superiori a €160 / $170

How to buy

For USA and Canada purchases, please go to For UK purchases, please visit You can first create an account and start shopping by putting your choices into the cart. You could also place the order as a guest, but signing up first is better! You can enjoy several benefits by having an account:

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It is not possible to place an order by phone but there is a Live Chat to interact directly with our Customer Care and get further help before placing your order.

If the products are not available or a specific size, this is shown graphically on the product page itself. If the product you want to buy is not available, you will be able to Indicate you email and you will get the notification on your email if the product is back in stock.

You will receive a payment confirmation email and the purchase invoice. If you have any issue in processing your payment, or if you are not sure whether your payment was successful or not please write us at

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We currently sell our products only on our websites: and Sign up for our newsletter to keep updated on any news, we never know what the future brings.

Our company currently sells its products only on our websites and We are however happy to consider any requests of this kind devoted to commercial transactions, depending on the geographical area and the type of store. Please submit such requests via email to

Unfortunately not for the moment. The customization of clothing either in design, sizes or features is not available for now.


Congratulazioni! Il tuo ordine ha diritto alla spedizione gratuita Sei a $160 dall'ottenere la spedizione gratuita.
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