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Save 10% on your first order with code Welcome10

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5 tips for washing your favorite garments

Your cycling kit needs attention: here are some tips to keep it looking great even after many washes

When rides get more intense, clothing is also put to the test. Sweltering heat, heavy rain or mud, regardless of everything what matters is making sure we treat our favorite kit in the best way possible. Following just a few smart tips will allow you to sleep soundly and continue to use your garments as good as new.

1. Good habits first

After a long ride, and before a good shower, let's remember that our favorite kit immediately needs our attention. Sweat is the first corrosive agent that, together with rain and dirt lifted from the wheels of our bicycles especially during fall rides, contribute to damage and deterioration of our favorite garments.

For this reason, it is a good habit not to leave soiled garments locked up for too long in our sports bags or wash bags, this in fact would promote the proliferation of bacteria and bad odors. In case the time of a wash is longer than 12 to 24 hours, it is strongly recommended to do an initial hand rinse to block the effect of corrosive agents.

2. Important to close zippers and Velcro

Before putting cycling garments in the washing machine, it is important to close all zippers and Velcro straps to prevent fabrics from catching or tearing during washing rounds. Finally, to best protect the colors, it is recommended to turn both jerseys and shorts inside out. Placing garments in a bag to prevent them from running loose in the drum is an additional safeguard to prevent potential damage due to contact and rubbing between garments, which is often the cause of pilling.

3. Don't use fabric softener and dryer

Technical garments are designed and created to dry quickly and be ready for the next outing. The dryer is a useful and time-saving appliance, but it is a real enemy of cycling kits. Better to use the classic clothesline - but strictly without clothespins and not in direct sun! Fabric softener is also not recommended, the only thing you need is a product that washes it gently-a basic choice to protect them from overly aggressive washing.

4. Watch out for the backplate

The pad is one of the most delicate parts of a technical garment, so it should be washed as soon as possible, as soon as you return from your daily outing, to avoid bacteria buildup. Again, bleaches and fabric softeners are not recommended because they would reduce the flow rate of the foams. Once you have finished washing the shorts, the bottom should not be wrung out or rubbed excessively; in fact, it will be sufficient to lightly compress the garment between your hands and place it on a clothesline away from sunlight and avoiding radiators that would dry it out excessively.

5. Bye bye pilling

Our garments are designed to avoid the annoying phenomenon of pilling that results from rubbing and wear of the fabric. While care continues to be taken to preserve their appearance, it is advisable to avoid saddles with visible stitching and always pay attention to any storage holders placed in the under-saddle.


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