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Free Shipping on orders over €160 / $170

Free Shipping on orders over €160 / $170


La Passione is not just a name, it is our way to experience cycling.
When we plan our collections we first visualize the journey. It does not matter how long it is or what the destination is; what we have at heart the most is to be able to experience all the potential beauty.

The secret behind our brand is a simple one: it is a story that is not conceived by designers but by impassioned people, who work every day to create Premium products that take us back to a pure and authentic pleasure of pedaling. This is the lifestyle that makes us happy, and we want to share it with our peloton.

"When we decided to embark on this adventure, we knew it wasn’t going to be simple and we would certainly feel sometimes like the sprinters
climbing the initial switchbacks of the Alpe d’Huez."

The cyclists' needs are our mission

But we were responding to an inner call, we felt the need to go beyond, to try and create something new.

We wanted to set a new standard in the field of cycling apparel. We dreamed to offer a range of Premium products at accessible prices that, at the same time, would meet all the needs without overlooking the style. One day, we woke up and understood that our commitment, our sleepless nights and the hours we spent travelling had turned all this into reality.

Worth the effort

Our work is like a ride on your bike where the goal is set higher and higher even though we are aware that it will be challenging to reach the destination. The certainty that once at the top the view will be breathtaking is what reassures us that ‘it is worth the effort’.
Our strategy requires that we do our best, so that each product is tailored on whoever will wear it because, even though we don’t know who this person is, we know exactly what they are expecting from us. This spirit leads us every day in our search for a product that pays off both our efforts and our customers’ expectations.

Hold the line

We wanted to have a distinctive mark on our clothes to convey the importance of the unity of the group and, at the same time, to underscore how much the road ahead matters to us. Hold the Line is a clean, simple logo and - like all simple things - it has a great meaning. It depicts four cyclists in single file, one behind another - four rivals in the breakaway, four friends in the slipstream. The beauty of cycling is that imagination is part of the game and Hold the Line is a story of kilometers written by each of us.

We're setting the new standard of
Premium Cycling Apparel

For a better world

We are born in the sign of innovation and our business model implies our full commitment, directly and uncompromisingly, to a sustainable production that decreases the carbon footprint as much as possible.

Respect is not just a word, but rather a mantra that informs our daily work.
We are committed to oversee our providers, laundries and factories thoroughly, to ensure that all our items are manufactured with appropriate processes and materials, respecting nature and the living beings.

We make sure that the rights of the workers are guaranteed, that the working environment is healthy, clean, livable, and that each of us has proper spaces to create and produce comfortably.

Let us remember that a better world will not come tomorrow, if we don’t start to build it today, all together.

Italian Culture

Behind a country there is much more than what is perceived. Italy is an extraordinary place where the love for art, architecture, music continually blends with the wish for innovation of our old tradition passed on across the generations.

Our roots inspire us every day, so that we consider the design as one of the core values of our production. Our roots make us take care of the look just like a fashion designer would, keeping in mind everything we have seen, heard, tasted over the years, while we were unconsciously developing our own aesthetic sense.

Artisan Vocation

The Italian Sport System is the leading manufacturing industry worldwide among the sportswear high quality industrial districts, and we are proud to know that we can count on the quality and expertise of mindful partners that share our values. We have been promoting a craftsmanship culture and the Italian style all along, and all our partners boast a long tradition and unrivalled know-how in the production of cycling apparel.

The professionalism and mastery that each of them applies to every item enable our customers to always get the best in terms of quality and performance.


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