That day when you realize
you need to cover your legs to keep riding,
that's the real beginning of winter.

For those days when it's




Specifically designed to deal with winter weather conditions,
to let you ride without even noticing them.

Slim and shaped
where needed

Repeated movements need perfectly engineered cuts.
Our Tights have an improved multiple panel anatomical construction designed to fit perfectly the cyclist's body, for complete insulation without bulkiness.
See the difference: the knee has a double protective panel to keep complete insulation and a slim popliteal seam structure.

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Speaking about materials

They're completely thermo fleece backed, made of a premium Italian Super Roubaix Endurance®.
With higher torso cut for added protection against cold and wind, the back is made of a thermo mesh,
to keep you warm but dry with comfy matching elastic tape braces.


We added plenty of reflective details, even bigger than in the previous version, to ride safely on gloomy days.
All fabrics are highly resistant and wind-protective for perfect insulation.

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Marginal note: the pad

Obviously it's an Elastic Interface® one, comfy even for more than 7 hours in the saddle.
Its anatomical construction has a central channel to improve blood flow and reduce pressure and numbness.
We increased the foam density, in order to provide even more comfort (it supports weight up to 200 Kg/m3) and excellent shock absorption.


"Winter is coming" [Quote]