Our Commitment

We’re setting the new standard
of Premium Cycling Apparel

Origin Story

No middlemen stand between us and our consumers. Indeed, we believe in a different approach and we want that everyone can access high-end products at affordable prices.


We choose our raw materials accurately by following the highest market standard and we select the best fabrics so as to be able to create durable clothes that keep their characteristics unchanged over time.

We believe in the possibility to get the best even at affordable prices; that is why we are a Digital Native Vertical Brand with a business model that allows us to remove all retailer costs, delivering the product directly to our consumers, from the manufacturing to your home without any intermediate steps.

Production cost
Grew Organically
Sent directly to you
Our Price
Our Price

Our Price 130€

Traditional Price
Traditional Price

Traditional Price 220€


We are born in the sign of innovation and our business model implies our full commitment, directly and uncompromisingly, to a sustainable production that decreases the carbon footprint as much as possible.

Respect is not just a word, but rather a mantra that informs our daily work.
We are committed to oversee our providers, laundries and factories thoroughly, to ensure that all our items are manufactured with appropriate processes and materials, respecting nature and the living beings.
Our Merino wool comes from certified farms where the sheep live free-range.

We make sure that the rights of the workers are guaranteed, that the working environment is healthy, clean, livable, and that each of us has proper spaces to create and produce comfortably.
Let us remember that a better world will not come tomorrow, if we don’t start to build it today, all together.

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