La Passione in support of


We are fundraising with the Australia's leading Animal Protection organization.
Join the movement, and let’s create a kinder future — together.

      Australia Animals for a kinder world

The Australian Emergency Notice never left us unmoved. Sadly this crisis is not over yet, but now that the critical situation has settled down, we want to support our Aussieland’s friends.

For the next two months we’ll donate a portion of the revenue from our worldwide sales to Animals Australia, who is working tirelessly 24 hours a day to rescue and care for wildlife affected by the fires.

It means that 2% of your regular purchase will directly support this leading Animal Protection organization. Thanks to you, funds will be distributed to emergency assistance for fire-affected animals.

Save a life now


La Passione was born under the sign of innovation through its Direct-to-Consumer model, and this feature will always be an integral part of our genetic and culture. Today, again, we feel the need to use this ethic attitude to improve the World around us.
We believe that the geographical and temporal distance of the effects of climate change cannot lead us to underestimate or even worse ignore the problem.


With an estimated half a billion Animals burnt to death across the Country and millions of hectares of habitats destroyed by catastrophic fire, it’s hard to imagine things getting any worse. No one could have predicted such a calamity for Our Nature. But that is the reality and today we want to appeal to all the Cycling World to help Australian Wildlife.
Together we are a Peloton, together we can help rescue sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife by donating to Animals Australia Emergency Fund.