The Local Hero

Mr. Wrong & Right?

Words & Photography by Jesper Grundahl

We all have our heroes. With the Giro in its third week there are undoubtedly many of you cheering on your favourite Pro peloton hero. Or maybe he is not even competing. Maybe your hero will appear in the up-coming Tour de France, and trust us, we are as excited about the prospect of the “Le Tour” as you.

At La Passione we also have our heroes. Many will think we root for famous riders in the peloton, but you may be surprised to find our true favorite is THE LOCAL HERO. You. Since the very beginning of La Passione we have consistently requested you to submit pictures to our Instagram hashtag #FROMTHEPELOTON and not without reason. We are genuinely interested in knowing where you ride, how you ride, in what you ride and to see our products in action. Where they belong. On you. Your submission of pictures to #FromThePeloton makes our brand and products a personal experience. A bit like having an extended cycling family for which we are truly grateful.

Mr. Wrong & Right?

Our following on #FromThePeloton spreads across several continents, and as much as we would love to meet and ride with all of you there are unfortunately limitations to our capabilities. Being local I instead hooked up with two riders, for an impromptu photo-session, who for a while have enjoyed riding in La Passione.

Mr. Wrong & Right?

On a beautiful, warm evening I meet @henrikaxel77 and @tomas100watt for a talk and quick photosession amongst a swarm of aggressive mosquitoes. Both have been riding for years and have been competing in cycling races. They have equally been longstanding members of cycle clubs, and compete in road cycling and Cross respectively.

JG: How has your experience been in riding in La Passione?

@tomas100watt: As you can tell, I’m not only tall but also extremely skinny, and it can at times be a challenge for me to actually find cycling apparel that fits me precisely. Things are either to short, too loose or something else, and believe me, I have tried a lot of different brands in almost all price categories. My experience with La Passione has been extremely positive. The kit that I’m using fits me like a glove. The jerseys are perfectly fitted, and the bibs are for me personally second-to-none. Nice, comfortable length of the legs, especially for my long legs, and great compression and fit.

@henrikaxel77: I have been using La Passione longer than the tall-one next to me, but my experience is similar to that of Tomas. I’m extremely happy with the look and feel of the jerseys. Great fit and really good sleeve length with some great silicone grippers to keep the sleeves in place. I am super happy with the bibs, which has my favorite chamois from Elastic Interface included. Not too thick or too thin, but super comfortable to make you stay long days in saddle. For me the fit is key.

Mr. Wrong & Right?
JG: Product development is a key factor for any cycling brand. What would you personally like to see in future La Passione collections.

@tomas100watt: Taking the climate in Denmark into consideration, and that I hate freezing I will personally like to see a range of Deep Winter products. Deep Winter Tights are key during winter in Denmark, so anything that block out the cold for me is important.

@henrikaxel77: I commute 30 kilometers every day on my bike. In all weather. All year round unless the roads are closed with snow, and for me various accessories are important. I really like La Passione, and would love to be able to wear a complete kit with matching cap. Possibly some water bottles, and in winter definitely some overshoes, oversocks or rain overshoes.

JG: What products are you considering purchasing in future?

@henrikaxel77: I’m personally really looking forward to the new Camou collection. So much so I’m not entirely sure I’ll give you this jersey I’m wearing back. The new sleeve length is bang-on and the Aero-feel of the jersey is a really nice direction of jerseys.

@tomas100watt: I’m personally looking forward to the forthcoming LaPassione RAW collection. Sometimes you want to be a bit more subdued in your appearance and the ability to mix and match mono-colored jerseys with Black or Navy bibs really appeals to me.

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